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MacFIBS 4 allows users to select from a variety of different boards, which are stored outside MacFIBS in Board files. If you are artistically inclined and want to create your own board, this page contains information to help you.

Board file resources

You must be familiar with creating and editing resources using a program like ResEdit, since MacFIBS board files consist of approximately 30 resources (see the Board Resources page.) To create a new board, you must create a file with this set of resources. You can find more information about ResEdit at the Apple Web site.

Board sizes

Within reason, the board, checkers, and dice can be any size you like. I usually think of boards in terms of the diameter of the checkers, as the rest of the board dimensions are guided by this. The size of the checkers in the current board files range from 21 to 36 pixels.

PICT resources

Most of the resources in a board file contain graphics (PICT resources), which you can create in your favorite graphics application like Adobe Photoshop. The best way to understand what artwork is needed is by examining the standard board files included with MacFIBS.

Other resources

There are also several other resources (e.g. 'PPob', 'Ridl') in a board file that contain specific features of the board, such as its geometry (see the Board Geometry page.) Creating or editing these resources requires Constructor, a program that is part of CodeWarrior, as well as a pretty detailed idea of how it all works together. For this reason, I will likely need to work with you to create the final board with your artwork.

If you are building a board that has the exact same geometry as one of the existing boards, you can just copy these resources.

Finishing your board file

You should set the file creator and type so that MacFIBS will recognize it as a board file and it will have the correct icon: the file creator should be 'FIBS', and the file type should be 'Boar'. Choose a descriptive name for your board file; don't call it "MacFIBS Board", which won't be a very meaningful name to users. You may also want to include a Read Me file containing any additional information (in particular, you may want to provide contact information) for users.

My Mona Lisa Board

For more information about creating board files:

Board Resources

Board Geometry

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