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What is MacFIBS?

MacFIBS is a Macintosh application that enables you to play backgammon on FIBS, the First Internet Backgammon Server.

Download a copy of MacFIBS and join the thousands of people who enjoy the ancient game of backgammon, updated for the Internet generation. Challenge players from around the globe to a match, chat with other backgammon enthusiasts, or watch world-class players compete.


MacFIBS requires a PowerPC Macintosh, with approximately 12 MB of free RAM, and 6 MB disk space. You also need a connection to the Internet (which you probably have, since you're reading this page on the web!)

MacFIBS is shareware, allowing you to join the FIBS community and play backgammon on the Internet before you purchase. The FIBS server itself is free, and open to all--to learn more about the FIBS server, check the official FIBS Web site.

Getting Started

MacFIBS helps you register your user name on the FIBS server, and allows you to get started on FIBS quickly.

MacFIBS contains state of the art online documentation, including balloon help and extensive Apple Help (Apple's brand new HTML-based help system) that explains all aspects of the application.

The author (Paul Ferguson) actively supports MacFIBS users, and is happy to answer any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have.

MacFIBS contains extensive documentation in Apple Help (HTML) format. You can preview the MacFIBS documentation here on this Web site to see what it looks like (when you install MacFIBS, a copy of the documentation is installed on your Mac for easy access.)

Sound Good?

Go to the MacFIBS download page to download the latest version.

See you on FIBS!

A picture is worth a thousand words: check out this screenshot of MacFIBS (60K).

MacFIBS Board

What do other folks think about MacFIBS?

MacUser Five Mice

MacFIBS received five mice from MacUser magazine, which also named it one of the 50 Best Shareware Applications of All Time!

Tucows Five Cows

Tucows Network awarded MacFIBS their highest rating as well: five cows (which is better, cows or mice? You decide.)

MacFIBS users are also very enthusiastic in their praise for MacFIBS.

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