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Please help support FIBS

FIBS is free. There's no charge for registering or playing, there's no profit taken, and no salaries paid. But FIBS does have expenses, mostly for the monthly charge for its connectivity. Since 1996, about half of these expenses have been covered by Kit and Sally Woolsey and the rest by the voluntary contributions of other fibsters.

However, we are staging a fund drive to help improve the reliability of FIBS. In particular, we would like to add a second DSL connection, better capability for handling power failures, and possibly better hardware for doing system backups. All of this costs money -- many hundreds of dollars, to be precise.

Would you like to make a donation? It's easy to do! Simply click on the PayPal link below, and send any amount you would like.

Note that this sends money to Patti -- 100% of funds received will pay for upgrades to and maintenance of FIBS.

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